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because everything is better with cats ^_^
what cats do when no ones around: latest Dork Tower cartoon )
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After that cold last week I started to take saunas again (my parents have a sauna). I hope it will improve my bodys defences. So, although I'm quite sleepy now after sauna I still have to pack things. I will drive back to Bochum tomorrow after work. Because I have grabed the rare chance for a short vacation. From Friday til Sunday I will be on a dutch island. The parents of a friend of mine own a house there. So cheap holidays, just paying the gas for the trip and the ferry. The island, Vlieland, is small and lovely (little old houses, lighthouses, sand beaches). Plus I always loved the rough north sea. And we will roleplay :-) Very atmospheric on a small isle in autumn. ... and dutch pastries ... *drool* Oh, and the house is haunted - seriously. There is a room I will never sleep in again.
I will be back online on Monday.

Nothing really exciting to tell about the new job yet. Except YAY for not needing to buy lots of "buisness clothes" (that I don't own), having lots of reasons to spend money on outdoor clothes in the future and Corel X3 is cool. I installed Corel 12 on my own computer last week (a student version I got from a friend) and hadn't much time to try it yet. But X3 (well, it's actually version 13 but even IT enterprises are superstitious ... or have superstitious customers ^_^) looks even better ... both big improvements to Corel 8, the "youngest" version I had for years.


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