May. 11th, 2012 12:08 pm
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After the coffe machine at our office died a slow death we bought a new one today. Since only half of our small office drinks coffee (the other tea) we only need an ordinary machine. We discussed changing from filter to pads or capsules. I vetod capsules. I've got an esspresso machine for capsules. I only recommend it for people who don't drink coffee every day. It's expensive and you produce lots of plastic waste. (But the taste ist nearly as great as from a machine that freshly grinds and brews coffee.)
We ended up buying a Senseo. I'm not overly impressed by the free coffee samples that came with it. And I remember drinking better coffee from pads at friends or at our booth on the games trade fair every year.
So my dear flist, can you recommend any brand? How about discounter brands like Aldi? (I think we had those at the trade fair.)

A propos "Käffchen?", I forgot to mention that I saw the musical "Kein pardon!" last month in Düsseldorf. It was kinda meh. Impressive concept and designs - but the music didn't ... well it didn't "klick". I can't remember a single tune. And the voices of the male and female lead didn't really work together. Both performed well but the duets sounded off.
I didn't know any of the singers/actors. But I rarely do anyway. I'm primary interested in the play & music and only secondary in the performers. Same goes for theater and movies.
The musical was not very funny either (and it's a comedy!). Only a few laughs (from the whole audience). Not like the movie it is based on (I heard, I havent seen it yet).
I heard that "Dirty Dancing" in Oberhausen will be followed by "Ich war noch niemals in New York". Hhmm :-/ I heard the story is bad and boring. But I like some of Udo Jürgens music (not all, most of it is too cheesy for me but he does have some songs with clever lyrics). I guess my Mum will drag me there, that's her generations kind of music :-) I would have prefered "Rebecca" as Dirty Dancings successor.
I'm still not sure if I should see D. D.. I havn't heard much good about it from friends.

Oh, and I saw "The Avengers" the second time yesterday ^_^ This time dubbed. And like the other Marvel films the dubbing was done quite well. And I still think that the "Asgardian" talking style sound even more stilted and old fashioned in German. Like in "Thor" translating "Give me a horse!" with "Gib mir ein Ross!" (Ross = steed).
We saw the trailers for the Spider-Man remake (left my brother ranting, he hadn't hear of it before). They had lots of 3D swinging off skyscrapers in the trailer. I wonder if they will do much of that in the movie (is it even in 3D?).
Saw the new Batman trailer - still meh. And I saw the long "Prometheus" trailer for the first time (only watched the teaser and it's one of the few films where I'm trying to not be spoiled much) and it looks AWESOME!!!! Even my brother, who doesn't watch horror films, recognized what movie it is linked to :-) Well the designs are quite iconc, aren't they? :-)
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[livejournal.com profile] frogspace and I went to see the musical "Der Ring" in Bonn yesterday. A music version - or better interpretation - of Wagners "Ring" operas. We enjoyed it very much. It's not the best musical I've ever seen but it's very good. You can take a look at it here (official website), here ("3Sat Kulturzeit" coverage, in German, interview with cast and creator) and the trailer.
Wagner already changed the original stories of the Edda according to the message he wanted to transport with his operas. And this musical has gone very far from the old sagas. Nimsgern only kept a few elements and concentrated on one interpretation of two wagnerian characters, Wotan and Brunhild. That lead to a very intresting story about emanzipation and overcoming patriarchy including double father-murder. This plus very good rock music makes the musical a great experience .. plus lot of naked skin and a Brunhild in black rubber ^_^ I liked the "Rhinedaughters" a lot. Two of the three, for some strange reason, spoke with intended heavy accent: French and Russian. But it was funny. And they all were dressed like Britney Spears trying to look like the bride from Kill Bill. The birth scene of Sigfried (called Sigi by Alberich LOL) reminded a lot of the Rocky Horror Picture show. Yay for popculture references XD

But I have to confess that it took me some time to get into the story. I had to drag my head away from all the sagas I've read (well, you need to do that with Wagners Ring anyway), that was hard since some iconic images, like Wotan as the traveler with big hat and spear, kept popping up. The second distraction was that, for me personaly, the Nibelung story needs Hagen! XD He's my favorite character from the Nibelung-legends. I guess I have to blame that on the old 60s movie and Stephen Grundys Rhinegold novel. (Hmm, just been reading the reviews on amazon.com and amazon.de, very different - plus the problem that the german translators "censored" the book)

I'm ending this entry with another death-of-a-father-god-version. This time father-murder by son. Read here some scans from J.M.S. (creator of Babylon 5) current series "Thor". It's called "father issues". And he does a great job. I never read much "Thor", but JMS already did an awesome Loki story in Amazing Spiderman. So I gave it a try. In his resurrecton of "Thor" we get a split person or douple person. In the old comics Dr. Blake and Thor were the same person. Here they are two different beings. Very interesting plot.And the new Dr. Blake is awesome in many ways! ^_^ To my surprise this series has become one of the few comic-series I'm really looking forward to each month.
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I've got a nasty cold again. But this time the doc ordered to take antibiotics. So I hope this 'getting a cold once a month this winter' is finally over.

What's wrong with you my dear people roaming my f-list? Only 4 out of 10 solved in my movie quiz??? Thats weak! ;-) all the rest amazingly solved by [livejournal.com profile] jimaine42 ^_^

As mentioned before I went to Berlin for 2 days two weeks ago. )

So, I'm off back to Bochum for the weekend.

Next week I' m going to buy tickets for the Ring musical in Bonn, I didn't made it this week because of the cold. If anyone wants to join me and [livejournal.com profile] frogspace, we plan to go on the 22nd of March.
Anyone interested in going to the "Blue Man Group" (Oberhausen)in April, March or June? I heard they are closing in June and using the place for another show next fall.
If anyone considers going to "Mammia Mia" in Essen, do it now. They are also closing in June. It's really worth seeing. I didn't believe it myself, but it's so much fun!!!


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