Feb. 21st, 2006 05:26 pm
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What the heck is wrong with the Norwegians?? You look at the medal top ten and they drop further down every day. That is so un-norwegian... ;-) On the other hand the Swedish are slowly returning to the top winter-sport-nations and I don't need to mention the Austrian here. WOW! That's a comeback! (Sadly overshadowed by the recent doping-accusations.)

Ice dancing - Free Dance was nice yesterday. I think there were some good presentation, especially the very young russian couple. But I don#t understand why the odler russian cuple got gold. Their presentation is sterile, dry and technical like most Russian figure skaters performances. They are good athlets, they are great at the jumps and lifting the girls ... but I miss passion and expression. But that is just my opinion.

Missed CAN vs CEZ icehockey :-( (Later this evening ist s USA vs RUS.)I wonder who will get to the finals.

Didn't have time for the comic store today. Looks like I need to do the usual visit there beofre the next "Stammtisch"-meeting.
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am at my parents for some days ... and forgot the recharg-cable for my cell :-( So if you want to tell me something please call me on my parents phone or write a mail, although I will be able to use my brothers computer only once a day.)

... whheee canada got silver with their small-bobsled :-D The new pusher is the former pusher of the jamacan bobsled. They never made a medal or the top 10, but they always had the fastest start-times. So he decided if he wanted to get a medal (because being one of the fastest and strongest sled pushers) he had to join another team. He became a canadian just before the games - and already got a medal :-)

I think I missed Ice dancing today :-( hope they show more later (wanna see the French, the Americans were good too yesterday). But curling was funny today. The Kiwis lost in an embarrassing way against our team - but they still had fun playing and made jokes. So... YOU ARE COOL GUYS ^_^ that is true olympic spirit. Loosing but still having fun! (But they really tried hard, it was bad luck IMO.)


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