Jun. 17th, 2012 09:08 pm
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EDIT: half-time-break *bites nails*
btw also crossing fingers for our neighbours who are playing against Portugal


Jun. 15th, 2012 10:57 pm
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now this was what I call entertaining football - wow
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Paul ist tot *schnüff*
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World cup finale is beginning soon. Until then I'm watching one of my favorite hot summer evening movies "Rear Window". It catches the atmosphere of the sweltering summer in a city very well imo. And when I lived in Dortmund for a year we had such an inner courtyard ... there was even someone practicing the piano with open windows on summer evenings like the composer in the film.

Oh, I hear thunder in the distance ... maybe another thunderstorm. Last nights thunderstorm had a lot of lightnings. I could see thme approaching in the dark an hour before the actual storm hit the city. Very impressive. But I fell asleep during it. The night was bad, as the other two nights before. I can't sleep in this heat. My flat stays cool for a couple of days during a heat like this - but then the heat starts to creep in and now it's as hot inside as outside.
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Well reaching the semi-finals AND having a precognitive octupuss isn't THAT bad ....
Am rooting for the Dutch on sunday :-)
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the tentacle oracle says that we will loose tonight
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The tentacle oracle has spoken: Germany will win on saturday,952393 (German)

He already predicted the outcome of the other games, e.g. the match Germany vs England (English)

world cup

Jun. 26th, 2010 08:25 pm
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Watching football tonight, USA vs Ghana, am rooting for the underdog tonight i.e. the Americans. They played surprisingly well this year.
Tomorrow it's the epic England vs Germany :-) I'm looking forward to watch it with [ profile] skippytoad and [ profile] jimaine42 and some delicious brunch leftovers
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I used to watch World Cup and Euro Cup play that don't interest me that much as "background" while doing other things (e.g. reading my f-list). But those f***ing vuvuzelas are nervwrecking. *holds up red card*
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Euro-Cup is over and the best men won.
Our team played really well in the quarter and semi finales but the finale itself ... well was dissapointing. But as [ profile] frogspace wrote: 2006 semifinals, 2008 finale and 2010 world cup champions :-)

To close the football themed postings some Football&Daleks fun for you:
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Had a mild migräne today so I had to stay home instead of joining friends for "Rudelkucken" (going in a pub and watching football together).
So it's only me and a cup of tea watching tv at home. And just wanted to say WTF?!?! That was a fast goal, I didn't really see it. Go Schweini go!!! :-)

Uh ? what ? *spechless*

while typing this Klose made the 2:0 for us O.O

Whoa, have to change my bet from getting a 1:0 with penalty kicking at the end to something like 2:3 or 4:3 for Portugal. I'm extremly impressed by our teams performance so far, but I still think we can't beat the Portugese. ... but maybe the Portugese have a bad day, who knows.

Rented Anamorph (heard it's good) and AVP2 (just for some brainless fun). Will post if they are recommendable.

They started to list films for this years German fantasy film festival => Fantasy Filmfest


Ballack scores the 3:1


won 3:2
*is dead*
I really didn't expect them to mimic the Italian team and suddenly turn from a bad and boring performance to good and entertaining football. I'm still sad that the French didn't make it into the quater-finals.
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football bla bla )

Some fun quotes about and from football "Football is like chess, only without the dice"
They forgot the Satre quote: In football erverything complictes because of the presence of the opposing team. (Im Fussball verkompliziert sich alles durch die Anwesenheit der Gegenerischen Mannschaft.)

And now to something completly different ...

Brutal rabbit murders haunt Dortmund

The rise of Indian wind power

Find refutes Scandinavian racial purity myth
fits this article :-) Importing goals at the Euro 2008
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Missed the first game of France, mea culpa.
Italy vs Netherlands left me speechless! Hey world cup winners, what was wrong with you???!!! But I think the Dutch deserved it :-) (so the icon really fits today, football fans wearing "oranje" the dutch national colour)

Coming up: the underdogs also known as Greece vs Sweden *yawn*
Sweden is ok, neither good, nor bad but I don't mentally connect anything special with them. They are an intresting wintersports nation, but soccer ... *shrugs*
Greece on the other hand has an impressive coach, nicked "Rehakles", and they won the last Euro Cup but failed to qualify for the World Cup o.O So I'm very curious how they will manage during this cup.
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Today it's

Switzerland vs Czechia
Hmm, hard one. Both good and likeable teams. I would grant both teams the win with pleasure. But I place my bet on the Czechs. They are the better players.

Turkey vs Portugal
This one is easy: Portugal has my favor.They are kind of a "Brazil-light"-team. Good athlets. Most mediterran teams play well ... and have good looking players ^_^ Regarding Turkey ... nothing against the nation but I just don't like the team.


Jun. 6th, 2008 11:43 pm
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Here we go, my first post related to what will ruin our tv-programm for the next weeks ;-) As if the eurovision wasn't enough *rolls eyes*. No new Doctor Who episode two weeks ago because of it. Wich BBC channel broadcasts sports? I hope not BBC1?

Anyway, sunday evening we are (attention: sarcasm) blessed with our first combatant being Poland. Not only is there still bad blood between the nations itself (hell between Poland and the EU in general in recent history), Poland is also one of the big hooligan nations. I.e. not the nation itself certainly. But like England they have many football hooligans. So I bet they will be lots of securtity measures tomorrow (like they did two years ago during the world cup game Germany vs Poland).Plus we already had to see this stupidity (Poland's yellow press turns blood red) that only makes you want to hit your head against the wall. That was so superfluous. This is sports not politics dear journalists.
Spiegel-Online has several English language articles about the Euro 2008 Football Championship => click
Oh, and they have an new feature (haven't read the online Spiegel editions for a while) Europes's weird ways about all the strange local traditions like the annual phallus festival in a Greek town XD

So, if you follow statistics we should beat Poland sunday evening. But they are not bad players, so it won't be like stealing candy from a baby :-)
(And to quote Robert Asprin, who ever made up that saying has certainly never tried it ;-))
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I'm most likely going to blog about the european soccer cup starting next weekend. I'm thinking about putting up a filter for that unless all of you don't mind eurocup-posts on your f-list in the next weeks?
The other filter I'm thinking about is one for my German language entries. But I'll only use it if anyone wants to see just my English entries.
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Football is a game for two teams with eleven players, one ball and Germany always wins! (Yup, sometimes British proverbs are right.) ^_^
(we are world champions in women-soccer)
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So it's not going to be a "blue monday" but a blue sunday: Les Bleus vs the Azzuri ... and who's going to wear blue? Will they draw sticks? ;-) Red saturday and blue sunday ...

The thunderstorms didn't do much to the heat in my flat btw :-(
While commenting to the thunderstorm related entries on my flist I thought "hey, you need a lightning icon". Then I remembered that I wanted to do a Thor icon for some time now, inspired by the funny scene/quote from one of the comedy episodes from "Hercules: the legendary journeys". One of those that are set on the fictional filmset of the tv series Hercules. Where Ares is stirring things among the film crew and in the end they realize who they are facing. And they get this silly moment where they all say this sentence (everyone gets one word to say) "Oh my god of war!"

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So, it's saturday for us and not sundays, tomorrow will show if we get France or Portugal for the fight over 3rd place. Was Portugal ever world champion? If not it would be cool for them to get that chance now.

I will try to get some sleep now. Since we lost there will be not much noise outside (just some occasional honking Italians in their cars), but I still have 31°C in my flat :-( I hate my flat! I live directly under the roof. We had over 30° today and it was quite hot in the recent days, too. Fortunatly a dry heat, so I hadn't much problems with the heat. But it's getting hotter and more humid now. the forcasts said there'll be thunderstorms tomorrow. I hope I can get some sleep, I could't sleep last night because of the heat...


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