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Düsseldorf und sein "Hexenprozess"

Der Antrag ist ungewöhnlich, verfolgt aber ein hehres Anliegen: Ein Düsseldorfer will, dass seine Stadt zwei Frauen rehabilitiert, die im 18. Jahrhundert Opfer einer Hexenverbrennung wurden. Brisanz erhält die Forderung durch den Gegenantrag eines Theologen.

*schaut auf die Teetasse mit Käutertee neben sich*
Heißt das ich kann beim Ratzinger anrufen und die Hersteller meines Kräutertees wegen Hexerei anklagen? Die haben pflanzenheilkundliches Detailwissen angewandt! Blasphemie! Und dann vertreiben die auch noch Yogie-Tee. Yoga, das ist doch heidnischer Aberglaube! Sofort die Inquisition einschalten!

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Aug. 13th, 2011 01:08 pm
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In general I don't have a problem with spiders (got one living in my bathroom at the moment) but this is frightening
Deadly black widow spiders found in Barton-upon-Humber
Four black widow spiders were found by workers in North Lincolnshire after hitching a ride in a consignment of jet engines from the US.

I'm really not a fan of species migration via modern traffic
Migration is not bad and it's in natures nature to "find a way", to quote a certain fictonal chaos theorist, but that are four spiders ... they could breed and spread and ... and hitch a ride back to the US because of the bad weather and the even worse food ;-)

and btw I was in Cleethorpes for student exchange back in school LOL
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I hope I don't have any Love Parade fans on my flist but ... wahahaha *ROFL*. It was just on the news. This years Love Parade was supposed to take place in Bochum (were I've been living form more than a decade) - but it was just cancelled. 6 months before the date. Reason: the main train station is too small. Well, it's been that size forever. A bit late to realize that. On the one hand it's sad for hotels, clubs and gastronomy - but on the other hand I can only laugh about this because I found the idea of the LP taking place in various Ruhrarea citys very silly.
And they don't move it elsewhere, they cancell it completly. WTF?! THAT is going to be great for the next ones. Who knows if the next one won't be cancelled such a short time ahead, too?

Artikel vom WDR dazu
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Deutsche Bahn hat gegen VRR geklagt
Weichenstellung durchs Gericht

Seit Monaten schwelt der Streit zwischen dem Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr und der Deutschen Bahn. Es geht um schlechten Service der Bahn und im Gegenzug um ausbleibende VRR-Zahlungen. Am Freitag (19.12.08) soll das Verwaltungsgericht Gelsenkirchen entscheiden.

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The Trekmovie site has some news about future comic films. Want to know about Spidy 4, possible more Bale-Batman or the plans for Superman go here. Also contains news about the next BSG film, pics from Life on Mars US and SGA.
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football bla bla )

Some fun quotes about and from football "Football is like chess, only without the dice"
They forgot the Satre quote: In football erverything complictes because of the presence of the opposing team. (Im Fussball verkompliziert sich alles durch die Anwesenheit der Gegenerischen Mannschaft.)

And now to something completly different ...

Brutal rabbit murders haunt Dortmund

The rise of Indian wind power

Find refutes Scandinavian racial purity myth
fits this article :-) Importing goals at the Euro 2008
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Just got this via [livejournal.com profile] burnt_rice

Anne Rice wants to write a final vampire novel

Go back to your bible fanfic Anne!



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