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morgen läuft Shahada im ZDF
[livejournal.com profile] sashatwen, [livejournal.com profile] skippytoad und ich haben ihn letztes Jahr im Kino gesehen und er hat uns gefallen
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No Friedrich - more specific Schiller.
The programm for the annual theater fesival in Recklinghausen is online. And John Malkovich is back in town.

... I can't stand Schiller
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Just noticed that 3sat (German/Swiss/Austrian tv channel) has a theme-day about jews in Germany today (not the usuall WW2 history stuff). Looks like I missed some interesting documentations. I saw half of the one called "Die Judenschublade". I think I will look out for a re-run and tape it.

Spending my sunday on the sofa with my laptop and tv ... but most of the time sleeping. With tea, antibiotics and hankys trying to get rid of the cold that hit me last week :-/
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Yesterday I met with [livejournal.com profile] hiyami who is on holiday in Cologne. We went to the Roman-Germanic-Museum where i haven't been since school. Unfortunately it rained the whole day so we couldn't walk around the city, but we had crêpe with Nutella instead ^_^ We also paid the Dom a short visit and I made a couple of pictures.

the cathedra, large picsl )

They have an exhibition at the RGM at the moment about the natural and cultural history of Northrhine-Westfalia (the state that Cologne is in). Lot's of fossils, coal etc. from place that I saw on short field trips at uni :-) They have a fossilized crocodile that once roamed the Rhine. A very cute clay roof tile, cute because it had dog footprints on it ^_^, from Roman times (and found in Bonn!). A dog grave (mit dem netten Titel "Da liegt der Hund begraben") and a very nice piece of juewlery (some kind of tiara/headband that was also used as a hair-net).

Most of the general exhibition stuff is from Roman times, some stone age stuff, a couple of exhibits from the "migration"-times (Langobards etc., some diplsay were empty because of redecoration) and from the Franks. But they also have a display (in the middle of roman statues and stones) of remains from WW2 German and British fighter aircrafts o.O They did look like they were as old as the roman stuff, very wracked and coverd in mudd.
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I' ve got a ticket for The Winter's Tale at this years Ruhrfestspiele in Recklinghausen. If anyone wants to come a long to watch the production of the Old Vic performing this Shakespeare play on May 10. afternoon, you may still be able to get tickets.

With all my moving and new job I totally forgot to ask my Mum if she got the new programm by mail. I only remembered two days ago that I forgot to check this years festival programm.

I don't know if I will watch something else. Das Wunder von Schweden sounds funny. "Der Seewolf" read by Ben Becker is tempting. Same goes for Arsenic and old lace.
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(German only, sorry)


Great minds think alike, könnte man sagen. Heute nachmittag hatte ich überlegt mal einen Eintrag anlässlich Heinz Erhardts 100. Geburtstag zu machen. Und was sehen meine müden Äugelein haute Abend, [livejournal.com profile] dragonaph war schneller :-) Sie verlinkt zu ein paar netten Ausschnitten auf youtube. Auf die Idee, dort nachzuschauen, bin ich gar nicht gekommen. Von mir also, wie geplant, ein paar Rezitationen.
Lesen was Kahvi so vom Heinz im Gedächtnis abgespeichert hat )
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Unfortunately for 3 events I want to see tickets are already sold out.
I got tickets for Orkanfahrt, Jeffrey Deaver and ... how could I miss thiss??? ... Jan Josef Liefers on 19/03! *points at her LJ layout and does happy fangirl dance*
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I hope I don't have any Love Parade fans on my flist but ... wahahaha *ROFL*. It was just on the news. This years Love Parade was supposed to take place in Bochum (were I've been living form more than a decade) - but it was just cancelled. 6 months before the date. Reason: the main train station is too small. Well, it's been that size forever. A bit late to realize that. On the one hand it's sad for hotels, clubs and gastronomy - but on the other hand I can only laugh about this because I found the idea of the LP taking place in various Ruhrarea citys very silly.
And they don't move it elsewhere, they cancell it completly. WTF?! THAT is going to be great for the next ones. Who knows if the next one won't be cancelled such a short time ahead, too?

Artikel vom WDR dazu
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I think I spend this evening watching arte . Right now they are showing something about Samuel Beckett (featuring Beckett fan Kevin Spacey) and at midnight they show "Plan 9 from outer space" :-)

"Beckett understood that every drama has to end with a laugh." O. Popow
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football bla bla )

Some fun quotes about and from football "Football is like chess, only without the dice"
They forgot the Satre quote: In football erverything complictes because of the presence of the opposing team. (Im Fussball verkompliziert sich alles durch die Anwesenheit der Gegenerischen Mannschaft.)

And now to something completly different ...

Brutal rabbit murders haunt Dortmund

The rise of Indian wind power

Find refutes Scandinavian racial purity myth
fits this article :-) Importing goals at the Euro 2008


Jun. 6th, 2008 11:43 pm
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Here we go, my first post related to what will ruin our tv-programm for the next weeks ;-) As if the eurovision wasn't enough *rolls eyes*. No new Doctor Who episode two weeks ago because of it. Wich BBC channel broadcasts sports? I hope not BBC1?

Anyway, sunday evening we are (attention: sarcasm) blessed with our first combatant being Poland. Not only is there still bad blood between the nations itself (hell between Poland and the EU in general in recent history), Poland is also one of the big hooligan nations. I.e. not the nation itself certainly. But like England they have many football hooligans. So I bet they will be lots of securtity measures tomorrow (like they did two years ago during the world cup game Germany vs Poland).Plus we already had to see this stupidity (Poland's yellow press turns blood red) that only makes you want to hit your head against the wall. That was so superfluous. This is sports not politics dear journalists.
Spiegel-Online has several English language articles about the Euro 2008 Football Championship => click
Oh, and they have an new feature (haven't read the online Spiegel editions for a while) Europes's weird ways about all the strange local traditions like the annual phallus festival in a Greek town XD

So, if you follow statistics we should beat Poland sunday evening. But they are not bad players, so it won't be like stealing candy from a baby :-)
(And to quote Robert Asprin, who ever made up that saying has certainly never tried it ;-))
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Mir ist vorhin eingefallen, dass ich ja mal nachschauen könnte ob "After Dark" noch in Bochum läuft. Da das Stück sehr gut ist und [livejournal.com profile] sashatwen daran Interesse hatte. Leider ist morgen die letzte Vorstellung. Dafür hat diesen Monat ein Stück von Aki Kaurismäki Premiere "I hired a contract killer". Klingt sehr schwarzhumorig. Schaue ich mir vielleicht an. Und dann bekam ich weiche Knie ... Otto Sander spielt wieder in Bochum! *bounce* Da werde ich gleich morgen zur Theaterkasse tigern und fragen ob sie für den 26.5. noch Karten haben. Ich habe mich ja schon schwarz geärgert, dass ich ihn im "Hauptmann von Köpenick" verpasst habe! Die Aufführung wurde aber auf 3Sat gezeigt, sodaß ich sie doch noch sehen konnte *sigh* Diesesmal werde ich aber hingehen. Der Mann hat so eine wunderbare Stimme :-) Das Stück heißt "Der Ignorant und der Wahnsinnige".
Charles Brauer (bekannt als Tatort-Partner von Manfred Krug) spielt auch diese Spielzeit in Bochum, allerdings in einem Stück von Tennesse Williams :-( Mit dem kann ich ja so gar nichts anfangen. Schade, hätte ihn gerne mal live auf der Bühne gesehen.

Vielleicht schiebe ich mir gleich nochmal das Hörspiel zu Fred Vargas "Die schöne Diva von Saint-Jacque" in den CD Player. Das Hörspiel ist zwar mehr schlecht als recht (gut gesprochen, aber sehr zähflüssig und wird dem Buch so gar nicht gerecht), aber Otto Sander spricht den alten Vandoosler und Michael Meartens (habe ich damals in Bochum zusammen mit Harald Schmidt in "Warten auf Godot" gesehen) seinen Neffen Marc (Hobbykriminalist und arbeitsloser Mediavist).
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It doesn't have to be like this. All we need to do is make sure we keep talking says Stephen Hawking in the Pink Floyd song Keep Talking. Something that came to my mind when I saw the report about this videoblog "Real Time Players". Young people from Israel and Germany show each other how they live. The text is unfortunately only in Hebrew and German. But if you scroll through the entries you can spot some videos with English subtitles.
EDIT: oh, and most comments are in English.
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Happy Beltaine/Walpurgis everyone!
May this year be fruitful and yielding for you.


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