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Usually you hear not much from the VC (/AR) fandom but a peculiar and questionable piece of news had the LJ-comms suddenly become chatty.

'We've been scrambling all week to confirm the following report, especially since it came from a very reliable source and is insanely logical considering the popularity of vampires these days. I guess something good has come from the success of Twilight as Bloody Disgusting has learned exclusively that Universal Pictures is looking to restart Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, which tells the tale of the vampire Lestat Du Lioncort (through his narration), a nobleman-turned-vampire in the late 18th century. No word yet on how they plan on unrolling this franchise, but we did find out who they are talking with to replace Tom Cruise and Stuart Townsend.

We have confirmed this afternoon that ROBERT DOWNEY JR. is in close talks to play the vampire Lestat in Universal Pictures' The Vampire Chronicles, a newly rebooted franchise based on Anne Rice's popular novels.

Lestat appears as a major character in both motion picture adaptations of The Vampire Chronicles novels. In Neil Jordan's 1994 film adaptation of Interview with the Vampire, he is portrayed by Tom Cruise. In the 2002 film adaptation of Queen of the Damned, he is played by Stuart Townsend.

The Vampire Chronicles is a series of novels by Anne Rice that revolves around the fictional character Lestat de Lioncourt, a French nobleman made into a vampire in the 18th century.

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] legoline I saw this trailer of Deaybreakers. Great casting (Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill). It reminds me a bit of Perfect Creature. The trailers looks as if the film is either crap, trash or really good.

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