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ich habe gerade erst festgestellt das zdf.kultur seit Mai diese schöne alte Reihe wiederbelebt hat inklusive Vorpann


Jun. 2nd, 2012 02:22 pm
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I just saw a history documentation about Friedrich II (emperor in the 13th century). I have to admit that I know not much about the dark ages. But this guy was interesting, and the material would be great for a Rome-style tv series.

Still feeling sick :-( My throat hurts. I hope it won't get worse during the afternoon
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Am watching "The Persuadors" on tv right now. One of the rare occasions that dubbing improved a series ^_^ the series is so dull in the OV but the dubbing is ace (and I just read that the French dubbing is a lot funnier than the OV as well).
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Die britische Gruselserie "The Fades" läuft ab 13.7. auf zdfneo :-)
The Fades hat den "BAFTA award for best drama series in 2012" gewonnen.
Untote, Engel und ein extrem geekiger Sidekick. Sehenswert!

beam me up

May. 27th, 2012 01:36 pm
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zdfneo hat heute "40 Jahre Star Trek" Tag mit 24 Stunden lang Classic Folgen. Und auf der Homepage gibt es lustige Tests

Grand Prix

May. 26th, 2012 09:15 pm
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campari orange and strawberries ... and watching the Eurovision songcontest from my balcony

EDIT: ok, I'd put my money on the Russian grannys ^_^

EDIT 2: France - AWESOME!!!!

EDIT 3: Jedward ... AGAIN?????? And WTF are they wearing? ROFLMAO
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arte is showing a tribute to Moebius right now
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During the last weeks on LJ the German language has become a topic in fandom posts. One reason is the unbelievable bad German in Grimm. I watched 6 episodes recently and I'm suprised I didn't bleed from my ears ... I guess because their pronounciation is really bad and you often don't understand the gibberish that's supposed to be some arcane and ancient German word for a supernatural creature. The most fun are the words they invent on their official website. Like the incredible and unbelievable translation they came up with for "Queen Bee" = Mellischwuler! I'm constantly torn between being highly entertained by this sillyness and cringing & twitching in pain everytime they use one of those words on the show. I guess German has become the new Latin *sigh* I know German isn't one of the easiest languages around - even Mark Twain wrote about its complicated grammar. But are language consultants or proper translators that expensive or so hard to find in the States?

screenshots )

The other reson for German being discussed in posts is so nostalgic for me that it lead to a nice sunday spent with very old comics to find some pages to scan. Some might already guess it - we're talking X-Men fandom. Or more specific X-Men Movieverse fandom and fanfiction. It's nice to see that fic-writers are trying to put some German into their stories (because of Movie-Magnetos origin), but they seem to produce a lot of fail. I understand why readers find that annoying and their rants. You can ask the same question as I did above. Is it that hard to find a fanfic beta in fandom who speaks German? There are so many Germans and Austrian people in fandom!
But the strangest thing is they are complaining about the use of the word "Leibchen" :D When I read that I had the urge to jump in all the discussions and shout "hey are you sure it's not a hommage to the old Uncanny X-Men comics?" or "well, the scourcematerial is already bad". But then I stoped and realized that this is movie-fandom and a lot of the fans probably never read an issue of the comic.
So behold the tradition of bad German in X-men in two examples ^_^

two pages from Uncanny X-Men )

Good night and thank you for reading. If you find a spelling or grammar mistake - you may keep it ;-)
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morgen läuft Shahada im ZDF
[livejournal.com profile] sashatwen, [livejournal.com profile] skippytoad und ich haben ihn letztes Jahr im Kino gesehen und er hat uns gefallen
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YAYAYAY Da ist sie endlich!!!
Eine Detektivin für Botswana

Ab dem 4. August zeigt arte die Krimiserie über die "No 1 Ladies Detective Agency". Eine wirklich schöne Serie mit tollen Figuren und Darstellern. Produziert von der BBC und vor Ort gedreht nach den Romanen von Alexander McCall Smith.

Ich hab mal in den Ausschnitt geschaut. Die Stimmen sind nicht optimal und der der afrikanische Akzent fehlt natürlich (hät mich auch gewundert). Aber inhaltlich ok und sie haben die botswanischen (?) Begriffe drin gelassen.
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Moldova o.O what.is.that???? ROFL
The Ukranian sand painter was awesome!
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So here I am sitting at my laptop with fresh coffee and orange juice and watching the royal wedding :-) Yeah sometimes that tiny girly gene kicks in and makes me watch that kind of stuff or buy a fashion magazine once in a while ^_^. Originally I planned to watch it with friends but I will spend the day watching the wedding and doing housework. I want to do at least half of the stuff I planned to do during my days off. And since I procrastinated so much the first days I have to cram everything in the last days now, that's so typicall me.
So from not that far away a "Stößchen" with my coffe to [livejournal.com profile] akkajemo and [livejournal.com profile] katerina_2008 *waves*

And thanks for all the lovely e-mails yesterday <3

I wonder why I've got a headache - I only drank one beer yesterday ...
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Endstation Gorleben? - MEDIATHEK - WDR.de Es ist der umstrittenste Ort in Deutschland: Gorleben. Noch immer wird der Salzstock auf seine Eignung als Endlager für hochradioaktiven Atommüll erkundet. Und zwar nur dieser Salzstock. Andere Orte in Deutschland werden gar nicht mehr in Betracht gezogen - trotz massiver Proteste im Wendland.

Ich fand die Doku sehr informativ.
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Just noticed that 3sat (German/Swiss/Austrian tv channel) has a theme-day about jews in Germany today (not the usuall WW2 history stuff). Looks like I missed some interesting documentations. I saw half of the one called "Die Judenschublade". I think I will look out for a re-run and tape it.

Spending my sunday on the sofa with my laptop and tv ... but most of the time sleeping. With tea, antibiotics and hankys trying to get rid of the cold that hit me last week :-/
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[livejournal.com profile] nelladarren die Prinzenrolle war gut aber so richtig schallend gelacht habe ich bei der gemeinsamen Duschszene ... und wie Thiels Vater dazu kam :D Die diversen Keller Szenen haben mir auch gefallen. War ein schöner Münster Tatort, hat mir sehr gefallen.
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arte bought No1 Ladies' Detective Agency, cool ^_^
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I really hit the germ-jackpott this time. Went to the doctor yesterday, got antibiotics, got sick note for the rest of this week. My voice hasn't fully recovered yet and I feel like crap. Unfortunately I can't use all this "free time" to do some overdue housework, too sick for it :-(

I started to listen to Gabriel Burns from episode one. I didn't remember that #2 is such a good story :-) I'm also curious to find out if I really forgott as much as I have the feeling I did.
My must-listen pile of audio dramas and audio books is not getting smaller. Several CDs of Gruselkabinett (e.g. The Temple by HP Lovecraft), Die schwarze Sonne #9, Planet Eden #4, Danger #8, Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: Stealers from Saiph, Offenbarung 23 #1, Drizzt #2, and I'm thinking of giving Dorian Hunter a second chance. The re-recording is supposed to be better than the first version published I heard from several friends. I'm totally out of the loop concerning John Sinclair.

I was surprised to hear that Ed Wasser will host this years FedCon and not Marc Lee. (Still don't know on which day I can attend, but it will be only one day - don't have money for more)

You can buy the new Lost episodes (versions offered: OV and OV + Germ. subs) a day after transmisson on German iTunes now. Wow, media industry is slowly moving into the right direction. The price is a bit high, but if they continue it will hopefully drop in the future.
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I don't know if I'm still in the mood to watch the new Who special tonight, I'm still chewing on the latest Tatort that I just saw.
Actually I planed to sit down with a nice cup of tea and watch the final episode of Warehouse 13. But I got stuck in that new Hannover Tatort (Im not a big fan of Lindholm but I don't find her unwatchable). The story itself started as a silly, stereotype paved "what if someone does a copykill of the Washington sniper in Braunschweig" and ended in a very different and very serious topic. There was also a very high amount of disturbed & disturbing characters in this epsode. Not a perfect episode, but a moving one.


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