Sep. 13th, 2009 11:21 pm
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I know I know, I've been very silent recently. I will answer your mails and calls soon, I promise.

I started scanning and uploading some pictures.

First set of pictures from Oxford
a few pics from London
plants on my balcony
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I'm back from my UK trip. No time for reports yet and I hope to get my photos on friday (still have one of those fossils - a camera useing film). Unfortunately my flash light is broken and I could only take pics in sunlight.So no Jude Law pics :-/
Will tell and show you more on the upcoming weekend.
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After that cold last week I started to take saunas again (my parents have a sauna). I hope it will improve my bodys defences. So, although I'm quite sleepy now after sauna I still have to pack things. I will drive back to Bochum tomorrow after work. Because I have grabed the rare chance for a short vacation. From Friday til Sunday I will be on a dutch island. The parents of a friend of mine own a house there. So cheap holidays, just paying the gas for the trip and the ferry. The island, Vlieland, is small and lovely (little old houses, lighthouses, sand beaches). Plus I always loved the rough north sea. And we will roleplay :-) Very atmospheric on a small isle in autumn. ... and dutch pastries ... *drool* Oh, and the house is haunted - seriously. There is a room I will never sleep in again.
I will be back online on Monday.

Nothing really exciting to tell about the new job yet. Except YAY for not needing to buy lots of "buisness clothes" (that I don't own), having lots of reasons to spend money on outdoor clothes in the future and Corel X3 is cool. I installed Corel 12 on my own computer last week (a student version I got from a friend) and hadn't much time to try it yet. But X3 (well, it's actually version 13 but even IT enterprises are superstitious ... or have superstitious customers ^_^) looks even better ... both big improvements to Corel 8, the "youngest" version I had for years.
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I've got a nasty cold again. But this time the doc ordered to take antibiotics. So I hope this 'getting a cold once a month this winter' is finally over.

What's wrong with you my dear people roaming my f-list? Only 4 out of 10 solved in my movie quiz??? Thats weak! ;-) all the rest amazingly solved by [ profile] jimaine42 ^_^

As mentioned before I went to Berlin for 2 days two weeks ago. )

So, I'm off back to Bochum for the weekend.

Next week I' m going to buy tickets for the Ring musical in Bonn, I didn't made it this week because of the cold. If anyone wants to join me and [ profile] frogspace, we plan to go on the 22nd of March.
Anyone interested in going to the "Blue Man Group" (Oberhausen)in April, March or June? I heard they are closing in June and using the place for another show next fall.
If anyone considers going to "Mammia Mia" in Essen, do it now. They are also closing in June. It's really worth seeing. I didn't believe it myself, but it's so much fun!!!


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