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May. 27th, 2012 01:36 pm
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zdfneo hat heute "40 Jahre Star Trek" Tag mit 24 Stunden lang Classic Folgen. Und auf der Homepage gibt es lustige Tests
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I just listened to these unidentified underwater noises ... *shivers* I don't know whether it was a good idea to do that in the night before going to sleep ...

I couldn't find the same collection in eglish language, but some are in this collection of peculiar sounds

And should I worry about the fact that the bloop sound might be located near a certain marine sleeping place?
The roughly-triangulated origin of the Bloop is approximately 950 nautical miles from the the more precisely-described location of R'Lyeh, a sunken extra-dimensional city written of by H.P. Lovecraft in his famous short story "The Call of Cthulhu", wherein the eponymous dead-but-dreaming creature Cthulhu awakens. Even with this distance separating them, they have been frequently linked. says wiki.

... and 14 days until the international games fair Spiel'10 *bounce*

o.O ????

Mar. 26th, 2010 09:50 pm
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Is this a fan project like Star Trek - Phase II?

... why do I suddenly have the strong urge to listen to the tv series soundtrack?
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Lurens da hat ener die janze Star Wars op Kölsch Filmsche zusammejeschnigge:

Nett ist auch der Bruce auf Schwäbisch 4.0 )

Das Alien und der Predator beherrschen auch die Schwabensprach )
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jajajajaja JAAAAAAAA Da isse, da isse endlich!!!! *duchrs Zimmer hüpf*

Die Dreibeinigen Herrscher Staffel 1 DVD
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Rewatched some episodes of "The secret adventures of Jules Verne" today. I still think it's a good steampunk series and it's very sad that they only had one season. I love the actors. I already knew Michel Courtemanche as comedian on tv, funny guy. Francesca Hunt is an ass-kicking female secret service agent - also looking hot in a 19th century style leather catsuit. ... and then there is Michael Pread as hot headed aristocratic Phileas Fogg ... evoking memories of enthusiastically watching "Robin of Sherwood" as a teenager ^_^

So have some vids to wet the appetite or fondly remember this short lived series with me: (action, U2) the vid isn't that interesting, but it uses a song by Michael Pread! the opening credits Robin of Sherwood outtakes, legendary :-)
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Yay, the British Sci-Fi film Franklyn is shown at the short version of the FFF! The festival needs much more sci-fi and fantasy!
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[ profile] thestralis posted the new trailer for the 3rd Torchwood season.
Looks a bit like the scriptwriters read a bit too much John Wyndham ;-) But as I recently found out, by listening to absolutly great audio plays, that you can never have too much Wyndham ^_^ The trailer looks positivly spooky and classic-sci-fi, nice. And of course a big loud 'squee' for the team being back on the small screen!!! *bounce*
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Deathray has a very positive review of Outlander in the January issue. My scanner is still in one of my moving-boxes, so I can't scan it. But I will as soon as my computer is set up and working again.

EDIT: Feb/March issue not January, sorry.
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10-15 years ago I would have bought this ... and be able to use it. (I guess my Klingon was overwritten by other geeky info in my brain.)
Klingon Language Keyboard

Star Trek

Oct. 18th, 2008 01:47 am
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Maybe all of you have already seen these pictures, but to me they were new.

the new bridge )

the crew )

Kirk in action )

Spock )
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Two Australian students do fantasy & SF photoseries, check it out.
Here's a small teaser:

Star Trek - Redshirt Triptych
by *Chonastock on deviantART
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*grins* one of best x-over macro ideas I've seen so far Capt'n Jack haz a towel I guez


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