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I just listened to these unidentified underwater noises ... *shivers* I don't know whether it was a good idea to do that in the night before going to sleep ...

I couldn't find the same collection in eglish language, but some are in this collection of peculiar sounds

And should I worry about the fact that the bloop sound might be located near a certain marine sleeping place?
The roughly-triangulated origin of the Bloop is approximately 950 nautical miles from the the more precisely-described location of R'Lyeh, a sunken extra-dimensional city written of by H.P. Lovecraft in his famous short story "The Call of Cthulhu", wherein the eponymous dead-but-dreaming creature Cthulhu awakens. Even with this distance separating them, they have been frequently linked. says wiki.

... and 14 days until the international games fair Spiel'10 *bounce*
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football bla bla )

Some fun quotes about and from football "Football is like chess, only without the dice"
They forgot the Satre quote: In football erverything complictes because of the presence of the opposing team. (Im Fussball verkompliziert sich alles durch die Anwesenheit der Gegenerischen Mannschaft.)

And now to something completly different ...

Brutal rabbit murders haunt Dortmund

The rise of Indian wind power

Find refutes Scandinavian racial purity myth
fits this article :-) Importing goals at the Euro 2008
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Frontal 21 - Ölvorräte sind knapp Schon lange meine Rede, wir sollten das gute Öl nicht verfahren sondern für wichtigeres benutzen. Motoren sind einfacher umzustellen als die gesammte Chemische Industrie. Plastik kann man allerdings schon aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen gewinnen.

Quarks&Co ging gestern unter Tage in Bottrop. Ganz nette Sendung, nichts großartig Neues ... bis auf das hier, scrollt mal ein bischen runter. Es leben tatsächlich parasitäre Würmer da unten! WTF?!? Wie sind die dahin gekommen? Wovon leben die? O.O

Gerade gesehen "Wir zaubern eine Zitronenpie" yummy ^_^ Muß ich mal ausprobieren. Ebenso wie den Maracujakuchen den sie letztens mal hatten.
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Ich lasse gerade das Fernsehen im Hintergrund babbel beim Bewerbungen schreiben, da höre ich in irgendeinem Bericht (über eine Famile, worum es genau geht habe ich nicht mitbekommen)
"das belastet auch die beiden kleinen Söhne Justus und Jonas". :D Shau an, da ist wohl wer ??? Fan *grins*
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just two funny icons I came across recently ...

by [livejournal.com profile] jackshoegazer

by [livejournal.com profile] cybogoblin
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The world outside my window is coverd in snow. Seems I was too fast with replacing my winter default icon with a spring one on saturday. I should have known better. On friday I drove to friends for an afternoon of MERP gaming and the weather kept changing between hail, snow and rain. Which led to funny moments while gaming. Our group was searching the mountains between Ithilien and Mordor ... in winter. And the GM from time to time described landscape and weather and said "It's starts to snow." And we would look out of the window and comment" Yes, it does." or "No, it's raining now." :-)
But still I was surprised today to be woken by [livejournal.com profile] sashatwen saying that it was white outside. It was snowing big fluffy flakes while we had a long breakfast. But by lunchtime it had already started to melt away. And on my drive home I came through places completly free of snow. During the afternoon it started to snow again and now everything is covered by a thick layer of snow. I wonder how long it will stay.

Now to something completly different. Some days ago I was musing about that old poster saying "All I need to know about live I learned from Star Trek". Remember that one? And I tried to put up some lists about other series/films. Feel free to add things, some lists are a bit short. And I bet I forgott some things that should be on a list like this.
All I need to know about live ...
I learned from Doctor Who )

I learned from the X-Files )

I learned from Harry Potter  )

I learned from Ghostbusters )

I learned from HG2tG )


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