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Even LJ shows a fitting layout and I am taking my new olympic icon for a walk in the snow (that's the white stuff we have loads of but that is missing in Vancouver - weird).

So prepare for some LJ babbeling about sports in the next two weeks ^_^ Sadly I won't be able to watch much live because of the time difference and of course work. I miss uni on occasions like this *sigh* but I'm not such a hardcore fan that I am going to waste my holidays on it - although these are going to be Oles last games. That really really tempted me. (But I want to save days for the Fatasy Filmfest and the games fair.) *shakes fist at Ole* You and your damn country made me an addict of your sport and the winter olympics 16 years ago! Before that I only watched figure skating and 4-bobsleigh (because of the teams UK, Jamaica and Monaco).

EDIT: befor anyone jumps on it... I know about the controversies concerning forests and first nation protests - and of course the olympics being a very commercial event. Not every olympics is like the 1994 games in Norway (the "green games"), unfortunately.

And because of mentioning Europe and native tribal people: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sami_people btw there are 87 distinct people in Europe according to wikipedia. So much for "homogenous" Europeans :-) Well yes, I read too much meta discussions this week on LJ :-) *ups*
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watching icehockey CZE vs SWE now ... gives a sympathy hug to [livejournal.com profile] jimaine42
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The swiss bobsled pilot Martin Annen is a trained cheese-maker! *smirks* how cliché

Edit: adding rant on German tv War ja klar!!! Kaum sind die wenigen Favoriten durch wird woanders hin geschaltet. ggrrrr
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Torino ... n° uhmm ... again babbeling about olympics )
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I uploaded some pics from the olympics (collected in the internet)

It hurts soo much to see our ice hockey team play ... *buhuhuu* *sigh*

I think its cool how the Austrians are suddenly rushing twords medals after the slow start :-)

And yesterday and today ... biathlon ... *grins* *bounce*

...need to do cleaning up after yesterdays rpg now

nord kombi

Feb. 16th, 2006 03:51 pm
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Gottwald hat gerade Ackermann überholt WTF???
Aber ich finds cool das die Japaner kurzfristig die Finnen überholt hatten :-)

Torino 4

Feb. 15th, 2006 06:05 pm
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the suits of the Austrian luge-team look cool (see here)

... after the womens-luge yesterday and todays men-double-luge just taking place ... I wonder if having German as native language has something to do with being top luge-athlets ;-)

... ups... not taking place, just finished... Gold AUT, Silver GER, Bronze ITL (some guys from Tirol i bet, they have German names)

EDIT: ups... thunderstorm outside ... in february 0.0

... and the suits of the russian speedskaters are fugly (look here)

BTW our luge dress (also biathlon and cross-country-skiing)

Torino 3

Feb. 13th, 2006 03:55 pm
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mixed feelings about womens speed skating, the canadian and dutch athlets are great (and full of surprises this year) ... but our girls are a bit dissapionting. I usually don't bitch about athlets to be faster ... but our skating-girls are bitches (big bitch fights in the last years), so I take the liberty of bitchin about them ^_^

Figure skating of couples is on this evening - although I prefer ice dancing, but it's not as popular as figue skating. I guess thos is the only winter-sport I've been watching since I'm a kid :-) ( ... and my favorites were often the French skaters.)

Kann unseren Biathleten mal jemand ein paar Kisten Zielwasser stiften??? :-)
Und der 'Hackel Schorsch' wird wohl in Rente gehen :-) (und da kann er mal etwas Deutsch lernen ... mir fehlt irgendwie das Gen um die Bayuwaren zu verstehen)

Torino 2

Feb. 11th, 2006 03:22 pm
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I've been a fan of cross-country skiing and biathlon since Lillehammer(94) and of the Norwegian athlets. In the last years I also came to appreciate our own athlets and the French (especially the N/FR couple Liv Grete and Raphael Poiree). So I was just bouncing on my sofa 'cause the Norwegian overtook the Russian in the end hihi...
OMG ... am doing silly posts here :-)
Hey [livejournal.com profile] jimaine42, Wednesday: Icehockey Germany vs Czech Republic *grins*
And tuesday 21. its USA-Russia ... I love the games USA vs Russia and USA vs Candada (like Calgary 5:2 for Canada) ... do I have to mention that I'm not cheering for the US :-)

I also love the "exotics" ... like Monacco (without Prince Albert now) and Jamaica bobsleding (unfortunatly they didn't qualify this year)... Or the cross-country ski-athlet from Kenia ...


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