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There's a cool breeze coming in, lovely. And the forecast says that I'll get the summer weather back that I enjoyed so much in the last weeks. Mix of sun, clouds and rain and temperatures around 25°C. YAY. The heat of the last days made me sick. I already had blood pressure problems on sunday and then had to spent yesterday in bed with loads of painkillers. I envy people who can enjoy temperatures above 30


May. 11th, 2012 12:08 pm
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After the coffe machine at our office died a slow death we bought a new one today. Since only half of our small office drinks coffee (the other tea) we only need an ordinary machine. We discussed changing from filter to pads or capsules. I vetod capsules. I've got an esspresso machine for capsules. I only recommend it for people who don't drink coffee every day. It's expensive and you produce lots of plastic waste. (But the taste ist nearly as great as from a machine that freshly grinds and brews coffee.)
We ended up buying a Senseo. I'm not overly impressed by the free coffee samples that came with it. And I remember drinking better coffee from pads at friends or at our booth on the games trade fair every year.
So my dear flist, can you recommend any brand? How about discounter brands like Aldi? (I think we had those at the trade fair.)

A propos "Käffchen?", I forgot to mention that I saw the musical "Kein pardon!" last month in Düsseldorf. It was kinda meh. Impressive concept and designs - but the music didn't ... well it didn't "klick". I can't remember a single tune. And the voices of the male and female lead didn't really work together. Both performed well but the duets sounded off.
I didn't know any of the singers/actors. But I rarely do anyway. I'm primary interested in the play & music and only secondary in the performers. Same goes for theater and movies.
The musical was not very funny either (and it's a comedy!). Only a few laughs (from the whole audience). Not like the movie it is based on (I heard, I havent seen it yet).
I heard that "Dirty Dancing" in Oberhausen will be followed by "Ich war noch niemals in New York". Hhmm :-/ I heard the story is bad and boring. But I like some of Udo Jürgens music (not all, most of it is too cheesy for me but he does have some songs with clever lyrics). I guess my Mum will drag me there, that's her generations kind of music :-) I would have prefered "Rebecca" as Dirty Dancings successor.
I'm still not sure if I should see D. D.. I havn't heard much good about it from friends.

Oh, and I saw "The Avengers" the second time yesterday ^_^ This time dubbed. And like the other Marvel films the dubbing was done quite well. And I still think that the "Asgardian" talking style sound even more stilted and old fashioned in German. Like in "Thor" translating "Give me a horse!" with "Gib mir ein Ross!" (Ross = steed).
We saw the trailers for the Spider-Man remake (left my brother ranting, he hadn't hear of it before). They had lots of 3D swinging off skyscrapers in the trailer. I wonder if they will do much of that in the movie (is it even in 3D?).
Saw the new Batman trailer - still meh. And I saw the long "Prometheus" trailer for the first time (only watched the teaser and it's one of the few films where I'm trying to not be spoiled much) and it looks AWESOME!!!! Even my brother, who doesn't watch horror films, recognized what movie it is linked to :-) Well the designs are quite iconc, aren't they? :-)
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two pots are simmering on my stove at the moment, one with rhubarb&strawberries and one with henna ^_^ next this evening: having some yogurt with fresh compote while having clingfilm wrapped aound my head

Oh, and contac lenses are slippery little suckers. No problem putting them in or wearing them, but getting them out is annoying. I always have sore red eyes afterwards and even managed to scratch one eye yesterday evening. I hope more practice will make it easier.

And thanx a lot for the b-day presents and greetings. *virtual group huggging* :-)

me again

Jan. 9th, 2012 10:19 pm
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Yes, one of my new years reslolutions is to be more active on LJ again ^_^ ... and finally starting to cross-post to DW.

LJBeetle didn't work on my mobile anymore so I got rid of it. What do you use my dear Android-using-flisties?


Dec. 17th, 2011 10:43 am
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Trailer and official page of the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action film:

I'm giving a home to bacteria and virues again :-( Did somebody stuck a sign "vacancy" on my back? Fortunately it's only a cough yet *knocks on wood*
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So here I am sitting at my laptop with fresh coffee and orange juice and watching the royal wedding :-) Yeah sometimes that tiny girly gene kicks in and makes me watch that kind of stuff or buy a fashion magazine once in a while ^_^. Originally I planned to watch it with friends but I will spend the day watching the wedding and doing housework. I want to do at least half of the stuff I planned to do during my days off. And since I procrastinated so much the first days I have to cram everything in the last days now, that's so typicall me.
So from not that far away a "Stößchen" with my coffe to [livejournal.com profile] akkajemo and [livejournal.com profile] katerina_2008 *waves*

And thanks for all the lovely e-mails yesterday <3

I wonder why I've got a headache - I only drank one beer yesterday ...

deja vu

Dec. 19th, 2010 01:32 pm
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snow outside, watching winter sports on tv, surviving on tea, drugs and nose rinsing - so my year ends the same way it started, odd

and now to something completly different ...
Did you see the trailers for the next PotC and Marvels Thor yet? And I think there can never be enough shakespeare ... :-)
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For weeks collegues, family and friends kept sneezing and coughing near me but I didn't catch a cold. But now my immune system surrendered - within hours. I'm feeling like crap. I will go to bed now and hope that a good amount of sleep will help.
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Just noticed that 3sat (German/Swiss/Austrian tv channel) has a theme-day about jews in Germany today (not the usuall WW2 history stuff). Looks like I missed some interesting documentations. I saw half of the one called "Die Judenschublade". I think I will look out for a re-run and tape it.

Spending my sunday on the sofa with my laptop and tv ... but most of the time sleeping. With tea, antibiotics and hankys trying to get rid of the cold that hit me last week :-/
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Yesterday I met with [livejournal.com profile] hiyami who is on holiday in Cologne. We went to the Roman-Germanic-Museum where i haven't been since school. Unfortunately it rained the whole day so we couldn't walk around the city, but we had crêpe with Nutella instead ^_^ We also paid the Dom a short visit and I made a couple of pictures.

the cathedra, large picsl )

They have an exhibition at the RGM at the moment about the natural and cultural history of Northrhine-Westfalia (the state that Cologne is in). Lot's of fossils, coal etc. from place that I saw on short field trips at uni :-) They have a fossilized crocodile that once roamed the Rhine. A very cute clay roof tile, cute because it had dog footprints on it ^_^, from Roman times (and found in Bonn!). A dog grave (mit dem netten Titel "Da liegt der Hund begraben") and a very nice piece of juewlery (some kind of tiara/headband that was also used as a hair-net).

Most of the general exhibition stuff is from Roman times, some stone age stuff, a couple of exhibits from the "migration"-times (Langobards etc., some diplsay were empty because of redecoration) and from the Franks. But they also have a display (in the middle of roman statues and stones) of remains from WW2 German and British fighter aircrafts o.O They did look like they were as old as the roman stuff, very wracked and coverd in mudd.
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World cup finale is beginning soon. Until then I'm watching one of my favorite hot summer evening movies "Rear Window". It catches the atmosphere of the sweltering summer in a city very well imo. And when I lived in Dortmund for a year we had such an inner courtyard ... there was even someone practicing the piano with open windows on summer evenings like the composer in the film.

Oh, I hear thunder in the distance ... maybe another thunderstorm. Last nights thunderstorm had a lot of lightnings. I could see thme approaching in the dark an hour before the actual storm hit the city. Very impressive. But I fell asleep during it. The night was bad, as the other two nights before. I can't sleep in this heat. My flat stays cool for a couple of days during a heat like this - but then the heat starts to creep in and now it's as hot inside as outside.

world cup

Jun. 26th, 2010 08:25 pm
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Watching football tonight, USA vs Ghana, am rooting for the underdog tonight i.e. the Americans. They played surprisingly well this year.
Tomorrow it's the epic England vs Germany :-) I'm looking forward to watch it with [livejournal.com profile] skippytoad and [livejournal.com profile] jimaine42 and some delicious brunch leftovers
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I really hit the germ-jackpott this time. Went to the doctor yesterday, got antibiotics, got sick note for the rest of this week. My voice hasn't fully recovered yet and I feel like crap. Unfortunately I can't use all this "free time" to do some overdue housework, too sick for it :-(

I started to listen to Gabriel Burns from episode one. I didn't remember that #2 is such a good story :-) I'm also curious to find out if I really forgott as much as I have the feeling I did.
My must-listen pile of audio dramas and audio books is not getting smaller. Several CDs of Gruselkabinett (e.g. The Temple by HP Lovecraft), Die schwarze Sonne #9, Planet Eden #4, Danger #8, Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: Stealers from Saiph, Offenbarung 23 #1, Drizzt #2, and I'm thinking of giving Dorian Hunter a second chance. The re-recording is supposed to be better than the first version published I heard from several friends. I'm totally out of the loop concerning John Sinclair.

I was surprised to hear that Ed Wasser will host this years FedCon and not Marc Lee. (Still don't know on which day I can attend, but it will be only one day - don't have money for more)

You can buy the new Lost episodes (versions offered: OV and OV + Germ. subs) a day after transmisson on German iTunes now. Wow, media industry is slowly moving into the right direction. The price is a bit high, but if they continue it will hopefully drop in the future.
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voice still completly gone, I hope the telephone doesn't ring today
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Why oh why can't I live through February and October each year without catching a nasty cold that forces me to stay in bed for days? Do I have some strange inner biological clock??? I didn't even participate in all the Karneval activities at the weekend :-(

Head hurts *wine**cough**sniff*
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It's snowing big fluffy snowflakes outside. And I'm going to a christmas market with my Mom tomorrow. ^_^


Nov. 30th, 2009 10:52 pm
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Other people have spiders or ants - I've got lady bugs. Yesterday I found two of them in my bathroom and carefully transported them outside. A few minutes ago I found another one! "Invasion of the lady bugs" ;-)
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I will write something about the Spiel later, I caught a cold and am not able to do much at the moment.
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Will go to bed now, I have to get up very early tomorrow. Then I'm off to the games trade fair in Essen. Will be back on sunday.
Spiel 09 (German)
Spiel 09 (English)

Spieleneuheiten und Kritiken:
Spielbox - Das Magazin zum Spielen

Blog zur Messe
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bought Federweisser and Tarte Flambée/Flammkuchen, rented some DVDs ... a 'gemütlich' autumnal evening :-)


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