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May. 27th, 2012 01:36 pm
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zdfneo hat heute "40 Jahre Star Trek" Tag mit 24 Stunden lang Classic Folgen. Und auf der Homepage gibt es lustige Tests
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Good morning my friends do you all know where your towel is?


Mar. 6th, 2012 12:17 am
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I can't stop giggeling ^_^ what other toy could possibly be more fitting for Norse Gods?
This gives "Avengers assemble!" a new meaning...

Well after Harry Potter, Star Wars and Batman it was only a question of time )
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*bounce bounce* ^_^
...but Caps modern costume still looks silly :-(
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"HTTP Status Cats" on flickr
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because everything is better with cats ^_^
what cats do when no ones around: latest Dork Tower cartoon )
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Leonard Nimoy as a slob in an alternate version of Bruno Mars "Lazy Song" - priceless :D

click )

B is for

Mar. 13th, 2010 11:56 pm
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... Buffy Bravely Battling Beelzebub.

A to Z awesomeness

I just love D, G, Q (brilliant). T (beautifull) and V!
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I really hit the germ-jackpott this time. Went to the doctor yesterday, got antibiotics, got sick note for the rest of this week. My voice hasn't fully recovered yet and I feel like crap. Unfortunately I can't use all this "free time" to do some overdue housework, too sick for it :-(

I started to listen to Gabriel Burns from episode one. I didn't remember that #2 is such a good story :-) I'm also curious to find out if I really forgott as much as I have the feeling I did.
My must-listen pile of audio dramas and audio books is not getting smaller. Several CDs of Gruselkabinett (e.g. The Temple by HP Lovecraft), Die schwarze Sonne #9, Planet Eden #4, Danger #8, Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: Stealers from Saiph, Offenbarung 23 #1, Drizzt #2, and I'm thinking of giving Dorian Hunter a second chance. The re-recording is supposed to be better than the first version published I heard from several friends. I'm totally out of the loop concerning John Sinclair.

I was surprised to hear that Ed Wasser will host this years FedCon and not Marc Lee. (Still don't know on which day I can attend, but it will be only one day - don't have money for more)

You can buy the new Lost episodes (versions offered: OV and OV + Germ. subs) a day after transmisson on German iTunes now. Wow, media industry is slowly moving into the right direction. The price is a bit high, but if they continue it will hopefully drop in the future.
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Lurens da hat ener die janze Star Wars op Kölsch Filmsche zusammejeschnigge:

Nett ist auch der Bruce auf Schwäbisch 4.0 )

Das Alien und der Predator beherrschen auch die Schwabensprach )
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Will go to bed now, I have to get up very early tomorrow. Then I'm off to the games trade fair in Essen. Will be back on sunday.
Spiel 09 (German)
Spiel 09 (English)

Spieleneuheiten und Kritiken:
Spielbox - Das Magazin zum Spielen

Blog zur Messe
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[ profile] frogspace posted this link to an artists webpage who redesigns My little Ponys after films etc. They look great!
E. g. My little Leia
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10-15 years ago I would have bought this ... and be able to use it. (I guess my Klingon was overwritten by other geeky info in my brain.)
Klingon Language Keyboard
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BTW, remember my entry about the toys and plush animals based on fims and series?
I bought the Cthulhu hand puppet at the games fair ^_^ I used it as an accessoire for Halloween. Maybe someone took a good picture ... Meanwhile it sits in my kitchen waiting for tasty cultists ;-)

In other words now I finally have a puppet to fit my icon :-)


Sep. 30th, 2008 02:14 am
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Every time you think you have seen everything the internet comes up with something hilarious. Like this webpage I mean ... a plush Scorpious (from Farscape) or a plush Anubis??? And the cow catapult from Monty Python"! LOL ^_^ I'm missing a plush Mothra on the Godzilla plush page :-( but King Ghidorah looks cool.
I want that Cthulhu plush hand puppet or the Chibithulhu.

Of to bed now ... maybe dreaming of cute little plush DRDs :-)
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just saw this diagram about the usage of phone boxes in films on my f-list

fun under the cut )
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The Geek Hierarchy


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