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I've been rewatching Twin Peaks lately.
I'm delighted that I still like it, but I think that I won't buy it (I borrowed the DVD box froom a friend). It's not something I could watch often or have the craving to posses. I haven't watched the extras yet and I'm about halfway through the season (three episodes left to watch).
I think it aged well. Sure there's the late 80s fashion but apart from that it's still watchable.
Yet I wonder if the pilot would be as successful today as it was back then. On the one hand it's weirdness and the murder mysterycould still enthrall the viewers, so would an actor like Kyle MacLachlan. But while watching the pilot I realized again how slow paced storytelling was back then compared to now.

I didn't remember that the FBI agent (MacLachlan) was THAT weird and eccentric. And it shook my "suspension of disbelieve" a bit during the first two episodes that the Twin peaks sheriff so eagerly follwed his strange ideas. But now I'm enjoying it a lot.
Twin Peaks was the first work of David Lynch I ever saw. And now, after I saw Dune, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Mullholland Drive and a documentary about him, rewatching it is an interesting experience. The series has lots of "Lynch moments". The dream sequences, strange people and special places (or better special rooms). Audrey reminds me a lot of the female protagonist(s) in Mullholland Drive. I don't know if Lynch likes this kind of female characters. I need to rewatch Blue Velvet (it has been ages since I saw it) and finnally watch Lost Highway (missed it again on tv last month). Another thing Twin Peaks and Mullholland Drive have in common is the doppelgänger/double identity element.
I had to laugh when I saw who played the forensic whom MacLachlan requests from the FBI: Miguel Ferrer. He also played the head of forensics in Crossing Jordan. The clash of him and the sherrif of Twin Peaks is great :-) Very bizzare and funny. As is the psychologist in this series. I didn't remember that character. I also didn't remember that basically everyone in this town has an affair with someone else in town!
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Summer is over. The weather wasn't summer-like for weeks. And Another sign for the summer to be over? Flipping through the tv programm and seeing that "The last night of the Proms" is broadcasted tonight :-) Always a nice pastime every year.
This year they have Anna Netrebko performing. I'm not much into opera and don't know much about her. But she did a great performance. I can't remember any performer having so much fun. Dancing over the the whole stage, giving roses to the audience and the orchestra ^_^
so excuse me, am back to sing along to very patriotic British songs and trying not to sing the German x-mas lyrics to Händels "Judas Makkabäus" ;-)



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