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jajajajaja JAAAAAAAA Da isse, da isse endlich!!!! *duchrs Zimmer hüpf*

Die Dreibeinigen Herrscher Staffel 1 DVD
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Another time maybe :-)

First thing I thought after waking up today: I woke up
Second thought: I'm still here
Looking out of the window: city still there
Switching on the internet: Geneva still there
Hmm, but if we slipped into a parallel universe, another quantum reality ... would we have felt it? ^_^

Next thing done today: getting the Torchwood radio play free and legally from the BBC website. *bounce* Haven't listened to it yet though. Is that the Torchwood audio play that was announced months ago, or was this just a CERN LHC-day special?

So, this means waiting for 2012 then? The date they Maya prophesied to be the end of the world ... at last it will bring us another disaster movie by Roland Emmerich next year ^_^
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Just want to say that I absolutly love Being Human! I so hope that this pilot wasn't the last we see of it! I love the characters and especially the dialogs. The only thing I didn't like so much was the vampire-society related plot. Those kinds of stories are a bit overused IMO.
A vampire and a werewolf living in a house haunted by a ghost and they talk about which house in Hogwarts they would be sorted in... that's just adorable ^_^

Aaah, and the vampire being the one going chickenshit and pushing the werewolf in front to look what's making the noises upstairs ... sooo reminding me of my roleplaying party ;-)


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